Anxiety squeezed in between two generations.


This is for Ms. E with some readings. Many people who continue to have anxieties and panic attacks do get certain levels of triggers from the environment. Among people, place, and things, people often play a big role provoking anxiety in one’s mind.  Here is a reading for mothers who are overwhelmed with their children, playing with anxiety, and another for daughters who care for their parents: this is to mother you.  One of the authors of the former reading has a practice and a website, that can help those who want to help themselves. It happened to be that both of these articles talk about how to take care of people who cause great anxieties to others. Taking focus off oneself and caring for others can be one way of eliminating one’s anxiety.


the beginning

This is the post excerpt.

Let’s start a journey together.  Let’s stop dissecting a person into Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Psychiatry, etc. as we are one wholesome distinctive individual who needs a community or so, for this rough waves, called life.