The Covid-19 global pandemic has drastically changed the way many outpatient clinics provide care. Until further notice, all appointments, including the initial consultation and diagnosis, will be virtual using a TeleHealth system. All TeleHealth systems will be HIPAA compliant, secure and user-friendly.


Unless noted otherwise, “Sessions” would be the platform of choice for TeleHealth visits.

For Laptop, desktop computers with webcam and microphone:

Please bookmark and access the Telehealth waiting room via

Please set the pop-up blocker to “allow.” Please use an earphone to reduce audio feedback.

For smart phones:

Please install mobile app for Android or iOS, called “Sessions by Psychology Today,” and allow access to camera and microphone. The name of the waiting room link is


On tablets and smart phones, Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphones  can enhance the quality of audio, while Wired Earphones can work better than Bluetooth earphones.


This is a standard, easy t0 use, HIPAA-compliant video communication tool and no extra apps are needed. The system works with either Android or iPhone smartphones.

A typical Doximity video call goes like this:

  • The clinician initiates a conversation by entering the patient’s cell phone number. The video invite does not show the sender’s number but the text should contain the provider’s name.
  • A patient then receives a video call invite text which includes a link to an internet address.
  • A patient clicks the link then allows both microphone and camera access.
  • Click ‘Join Video Call.’

The video call can be moved over to a desktop/laptop computer also by simply “sharing” the internet link above by

  • pressing and holding down on the link (on the text app),
  • Select Copy Link,
  • Open your email client, tap the blank message body, and select Paste to paste the URL to an email addressed to yourself.
  • Open your email on your desktop/laptop computer, copy and paste the link into your web browser.   (How to join a Dialer Video call on your Desktop Computer.)
  • The video call can be initiated from the desktop/laptop computer this way.

Click  Here for a short video demonstration for a Doximity call.


The Doximity cell phone video call is the most reliable and easiest so far. But holding the phone for a long time can be a hassle. And we have a plan B, called VSee, which is another great secure HIPAA-compliant platform. Sometimes we use Doximity or VSee as a backup for ‘Sessions.’