The Covid-19 global pandemic has drastically changed the way many outpatient clinics provide care. Until further notice, all appointments, including the initial consultation and diagnosis, will be virtual using a TeleHealth system. All TeleHealth systems will be HIPAA compliant, secure and user-friendly.


Once payment for an upcoming appointment is verified, the clinic will send an invitation for TeleHealth via Doximity. This is a standard, easy t0 use, HIPAA-compliant video communication tool and no extra apps are needed. The system works with either Android or iPhone smartphones.

A typical Doximity video call goes like this:

  • The clinician initiates a conversation by entering the patient’s cell phone number. The video invite does not show the sender’s number but the text should contain the provider’s name.
  • A patient then receives a video call invite text which includes a link to an internet address.
  • A patient clicks the link then allows both microphone and camera access.
  • Click ‘Join Video Call.’

The video call can be moved over to a desktop/laptop computer also by simply “sharing” the internet link above by

  • pressing and holding down on the link (on the text app),
  • Select Copy Link,
  • Open your email client, tap the blank message body, and select Paste to paste the URL to an email addressed to yourself.
  • Open your email on your desktop/laptop computer, copy and paste the link into your web browser.   (How to join a Dialer Video call on your Desktop Computer.)
  • The video call can be initiated from the desktop/laptop computer this way.

Click  Here for a short video demonstration for a Doximity call.


The cell phone video call is the most reliable and easiest so far. But holding the phone for a long time can be a hassle, and moving the call to a laptop as above can be even more hassle. And we have a plan B, called VSee, which is another great secure HIPAA-compliant platform. Sometimes we use Doximity as a backup.


For Laptop, desktop computers with webcam and microphone:

Please bookmark and access the Telehealth waiting room via

Please set the pop-up blocker to “allow.” Please use an earphone to reduce audio feedback.

For smart phones:

Please install mobile app for Android or iOS, called “Sessions by Psychology Today,” and allow access to camera and microphone. The name of the waiting room link is