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Forms and Portal

< How to use Hushmail as a secure HIPAA-compliant portal >

To reduce the chance that clinic emails will go into spam folders,
please add to your email address books.

  1. How to read secure Hushmail (portal) message: A client would get the notification email for incoming hushmail message from The date/time of my message follows the timestamp of the notification. In other words, each notification via normal unsecure email corresponds to the secure message on the Hushmail portal. After logging in on Hushmail, it should list all messages by date/time, and shows how many messages are “unread.” Please check all the unread messages before replying. Please refer to the screen capture of the initial log-in below.
  2. How to reply/send and create a new message: Please reply to the message after checking all unread messages. Hushmail used to NOT have “Compose” or “New Mail” option for security reason, but
As of 3/24/23, clients can start a secure email to anyone who has previously sent them an encrypted Hushmail email. This happens right inside our private message center. Find the New “Compose” button on the top left and Select a recipient from the list of available contacts.

Lost Passphrase:

Hushmail doesn’t allow resetting the passphrase without the clinic getting involved.

a. Send an unsecure normal email to and explain the passphrase needs a reset.
b. Clinic would send a secure message.
c. Client would get an email with “Read your secure email” link and clicking it opens up the screen, then click “Reset your passphrase”
d. Create a new passphrase and check the box “Delete all existing messages,” which is a requirement for this portal and another secure measure to protect
the privacy of the users.


Once the clinic receives an initial registration request via email/web request, the clinic responds through an encrypted HIPAA-compliant email system, called Hushmail:


This is the system where the clinic forms would be distributed and it also works as a secure patient portal.  Click “Read your secure email” and follow the instruction.  You will be asked to create your own PASSPHRASE, and  then log unto Hushmail web address:

Your email address will be the login ID and your PASSPHRASE a passcode. 


PLEASE SAVE your PASSPHRASE for future use.  You will be asked to take photos/scans of your government photo ID, health insurance card, and digital signature for consent, to upload to this secure system. Please read the content carefully and provide all the information for registration. Safari browser on Apple might have a compatibility issue so please use Chrome or Firefox browser.