Welcome!  Lazarus Psychiatry, LLC  was founded by a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to help individuals navigate the healthcare system – not only to survive – but also to thrive.

The Department of Labor occupation describes PMH-APRNs (Psychiatric and Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurses) as health care professionals, who: “Assess, diagnose, and treat individuals and families with mental health or substance use disorders or the potential for such disorders. Apply therapeutic activities, including the prescription of medication, per state regulations, and the administration of psychotherapy.”

In addition to the pharmacological management of psychiatric disorders provided by Lazarus Psychiatry, LLC, referrals to clinical social workers and psychologists for psychotherapy and other counseling services may be given where appropriate.

The clinic’s initial intake starts with a comprehensive evaluation in order to detect undiagnosed and untreated psychiatric and medical conditions.  For chronic somatic disorders, collaboration with specialists such as cardiologists, neurologists, endocrinologists, and sleep medicine doctors may be needed in order to exclude and/or manage comorbid somatic illnesses.  A referral for acupuncture for mood disorders, as well as pain management, may be utilized to replace or reduce the harmful effects of opioid-based pain management.  Medication-Assisted-Treatment for opioid use disorders will also be offered where appropriate.

Every individual’s needs will be addressed through confidential face-to-face sessions as well as Telepsychiatry sessions.  We serve patients of 16 years old or older.